I know when I am about to have a very supercharged intuitive day.  My dreams are vivid, my emotions are heightened, seemingly out of nowhere, fear and doubt spring up.  The signs are there, they are built in for our protection and preparedness.  What to do is to stay focused on the positive, the work that you do and all the wonderful things that make up your life.  I also throw up a prayer or two for help, guidance, clarity, and wisdom.  An answer is always received.  Being intuitive is a challenge, but look at it this way, you are not given anything that you are not equipped to handle and the more challenges, the more advanced that you are becoming.  My words of wisdom are simple, focus, go with the flow, and let the information take you where you need to go.  Everything that we receive is not always meant for us.  It is part of our journey to discern what information that we need to do our work and what information that we need to release to the universe so that others may get what they need to do their work properly.  A fun saying for the day…keep calm and carry on!  If that doesn’t work, head into the kitchen to cook or bake!   Karen