I loved having chickens and I look forward to having them again, but in the meantime, there was a need to find a new source for my weekly egg fix.  The grocery store became that source, having a wide variety of organic and local eggs, but my ever growing need to ask questions about my food has sent me outside of the local grocery store to find a purveyor of backyard eggs that I can actually talk to.  A great source was found within a day of searching, a co-worker, how wonderful and easy.  In chit chatting about her chickens, I realized how much she loved them and cared for them so the situation was going to be perfect. Then came the tough question, what do you feed your chickens?  The topic was discussed and I placed my order.  Simple, but not the end. I started to ask myself why was it so hard to ask about what she feeds her chickens.  If I am going to buy her eggs and consume them, isn’t it logical to want to know where those eggs came from and what those beautiful hens ate?  We all really need to stop feeling guilty about asking and just ask.  Someone once said to me that there is never a stupid question, it is only stupid when you don’t ask.  You are going to find that people love to answer questions and those who don’t, well maybe, you don’t want to know the answer.