From My Kitchen….A quick and easy tuna and black bean salad

It all starts with our physical body.  Nourishing the body is the first and most important part of any spiritual journey. When we become aware of our body’s needs, we can then become aware of the needs of our mind, our intellect, and finally our spirit.  Think of it this way, what goes in is going to come out.  What we put out to the world is going to come back to us, so nourishing our body gets things moving in the right direction.  I am constantly eating, so for me, it is doubly important that I take care of what is going in and that I don’t overindulge. Making sure that I know where my food is from, how it is packaged, and what is contained within are questions that I ask on a daily basis.  For those who are not eating constantly, the need to pack more nourishment in every bite is essential. The body is our first line of defense, we need to take care of it, nurture it and listen to it.  It holds the power to heal.

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