Waking up in the morning is a blissful event.  Another day, another opportunity to live our lives as the sacred beings that we are.  I can honestly say that I am a sacred being.  Can you or the real question is will you? People have a hard time with this.  I know it took me many years, but today, I stand in my truth and there is no going back.  Acknowledging that you are sacred actually makes life a lot simpler.  Everyday decisions become automatic, days become more blissful and life affirming.  Are your eyebrows raised, are you wondering what I am talking about or are you feeling my words resonate within you?  Believe me, I know.  The act of acknowledging being sacred is a fearful exercise, but easy to adjust to.  The act of acknowledging being sacred is having the ability to put yourself first.  Your needs, your wants, and your desires.  It allows you to ask the simple question, what is best for me?  I equate everything with food so this is one of the questions that I ask myself everyday, if I am a sacred being, why would I not only put the very best into my body?  My sacred journey began in my kitchen and there it lives, but it has had a ripple effect in all areas of my life.  In these posts I hope to inspire and teach those willing to acknowledge, accept, and become the sacred beings that they truly are.  Welcome to the sacred kitchen of the Intuitive Cook!