Have you ever read a book or been part of a conversation, or met someone who truly touched a deep cord within your soul?  A sentence read, a song heard, a word spoken, quite by accident, but one that doesn’t leave you, like a sigh of relief, a deep smile and great knowing that you are not alone.  I have been blessed with these types of  occurrences throughout my whole life, but the one that stands out the most for me was a quick glance at a little cookbook, carried by a customer in the natural food market where I shop.  It was such a brief moment, an insignificant gesture, though it had the power to align my life to my soul’s purpose.  If you allow yourself to be open to the possibilities of the universe, that is when miracles happen.  If you have asked for guidance or prayed for a solution to a problem, or asked what is my soul purpose, remember to first give thanks and then take joy in your life and look with a new perspective at the little things that happen every moment of everyday.  It is within these that the answers and solutions will reveal themselves to you.  I sometimes have to laugh at the time that I have often wasted looking for a dynamic, dramatic answer when all that I needed was really right in front of me, had I just opened my eyes and paid attention.  The universe does work in mysterious ways and it does have a unique sense of humor.