Yes, believe it or not, I have bad days!  Days where my faith is gone and I think what the heck, did somebody forget about me.  Bad days, oh yes!  Days where I have no one to talk to, no one who listens, no one!  I know how it feels, I know what everyone goes through.  It really stinks!  What do I do?  I cry, I scream, but in the end there is nothing for me to do.  I just give myself the space and time to feel bad.  You can feel bad you know.  I always thought that I couldn’t, it wasn’t what was expected of me.  Well, who says you can’t?   I’m saying that you can and you should, how else will feeling good, feel good?  Just don’t stay in it very long. Write your truest sentence and build from there!  Cheers to a bad day!

from bad days, great days come!  kschumann