Believe it or not, at times, I have to remind myself to take a spiritual moment. Often people call it regrouping, refocusing, taking a break.  A spiritual moment for me means to stop, be thankful, and ask for guidance as to my next steps.  That moment almost always involves food in some way shape or form.  Whether it be working in the garden, cooking, or simply eating, food is a key factor in taking a spiritual moment for me.  Making sure that what I am putting into my body at those moments is just as important as the moment itself.  As an intuitive, how I look at the need for a spiritual moment is simple, it is my body, mind, and soul telling me that it is in need of some kind of nourishment!  For me, I know intuitively what that nourishment is.  We all do, we just have to pay attention to our body, mind, and soul.  A daily practice of being aware of what we eat can give us clues as to where we are and how on or off course that we are.  Taking a spiritual moment is sometimes all that it takes to get us back on the right path.