From My Kitchen……..Kale and Rice a restoring combination of comfort and nourishment!

As an intuitive there are times when you are in transition and the information is on overload.  The universe seems to be asking way to much of you and those around you can almost sense your openness and loss of control, and just pound away at your soul.  What you can do is ask for help, breathe deeply, and listen for the signs that will quickly reach for you and pull you to safety.  Know that when these occurrences happen, there is a shift taking place, a realignment, a move to a higher level and it will soon pass.  It might take a few days or just an afternoon, but I assure you that when it is all over, you will be left with a sense of clarity, peace, and love within yourself.  A thought to always remember….It is your inner, higher self that has triggered the shift which means that you were ready.  So, shower yourself with great love and gratitude.

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