How do I define myself today?  I am a spiritual being, first and foremost.  I am an intuitive specialist, who happens to believe wholeheartedly in God and works within the light of her faith.  A healer, who loves herbs and spices. I am someone who loves to cook and bake and who just so happens to own an online kitchen store and a recipe site as well.  I am the mother of three sons, who are grown and living their own lives, a mother-in-law to a beautiful girl who I adore, a friend to a small group that I love, and an employee at a wonderful dress shop with a fabulous boss.  That is how I define myself today.  It is not how it has always been. I have often thought what if I had taken stock earlier, would things have been different, could I have avoided the suffering through, but I’ve come to realize through great humor and wisdom, that no, things happen when you’re ready and when God decides He can’t take your suffering anymore and He steps in with drastic measures.  You know that you are blessed when God blows your life apart to reposition it.  He is not angry, oh no, He is filled with love for you.  He wants you to have the life that He had always intended for you.  That is why exists, it is why I write, it is to help you through your journey.  The first step is to write on paper how you honestly define yourself today and ask yourself are you happy with your definition.  Believe me, I intend to keep tweaking, but for today, I am ok with it.  Tomorrow, I might need to do some work.  If there is one thing that I have learned it is to give yourself 24 hours to let things settle and resonate with you before you start moving things around.

Ciao, Karen