As a practicing intuitive, I have the greatest honor of being surrounded by the most glorious beings.  A beautiful reality, but you must always remember that with light there is always darkness and I also have the greatest honor of being surrounded by the darkest of beings.  How do I stay in the light? It is not always easy. Over the years I have had to try and try again until I found what worked for me.  One way is that I ask myself daily to write the truest sentence that I know, at that particular moment, and I build on it.  If it is a dark sentence, I know I must pull myself up, out of that sentence and make it about the light.  For it only takes a split second of light to dissolve the darkness.  Only a split second, always remember and hold on to that thought.  Only a split second stands between the light and the darkness.  Ask for help when you need it.  If my sentence is a light sentence, I know that I must jump into that sentence and continue to build on that light.  A kind of filling the well to draw upon when I need it the most.  Acknowledging and honoring are feelings, both light and dark,  is all a part of the amazing practice of being human.

PS  I often find my inspiration in the words and recipes of others.  It was Hemingway who wrote in The Moveable Feast, that as a writer, when you are stuck, write the truest sentence that you know.  Thanks Ernest!