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A Practice Of Putting Yourself First

Knowing that you are not putting yourself first is simple.   When you feel exhausted, overwhelmed, challenged, and just downright mad, it is time to be selfish and self-centered.  It is time to put yourself first in every part of your life. Center your energy, time, and will on doing what is best for you, even at the expense of others.  Trust me, they’ll get over it or find someone else more than willing to absorb their energy.  Work still needs to be done, chores still have to be completed, but do it in such a way that the focus is entirely on you and what you need to have happen.  This practice, needs practice, so practice and you’ll get the hang of it!

Thought for the week….

“Put yourself first because no one else will”


Just Say “Wow” And Breathe!

Use whatever word you like.  Whether it be “oh”, “wow”, “geez”, or “really”, follow it with a breath.  A breath brings things into focus and centers your thoughts on the present moment.  Things happen that we can not control, people say and do things that we are truly puzzled by, but using a simple word like “wow”, followed by a breath, has a fabulous affect on our view of a situation.  It actually has the ability to make you laugh and react in an appropriate manner. Try it!  If you see an elephant charging you, say “wow”, breathe, and then, get out of the way!  A simpler example, if someone says something negative to you, say “wow”, breathe, and move on!  Likewise, if someone says something positive to you, say “wow”, breathe, and, of course, say “thank you”. Ciao!

Thought for the week…

Just say “wow” and breathe!


Strength Disguised As Weakness

Find strength in a moment of weakness.  All of us have weak moments, moments when nothing goes right and it seems that the universe is throwing all that it has at you to handle.  Take those moments and realize that they are moments of great strength.  They are moments of acknowledgement, where you recognize what is wrong and what does not fit into your life.  To acknowledge and recognize the parts of yourself that you do not like, leads to acceptance and to the ability to move on.  It is ok to have moments of not liking yourself, your life, the circumstances that surround you or even certain people.  The feelings will pass!

A Thought For The Week

“See your strength in the weakest moments”


She Persisted!

More than a title of a children’s book, the words, she persisted, are a reminder never to give up.  Never give in to negativity or doubt, be persistent in your pursuits and thoughts though challenges may arise. Realize that solutions have already been worked out. Stay clear in your focus and intent and all will work out in your favor. She persisted! Think of a woman or for that matter, a man, in history or in your life that you truly admire and ask yourself, what if they didn’t persist, what if they gave up, where would I be now?

Thought For The Week….

“she persisted”


There Is Power In Change!

Change is inevitable, the beauty lies in realizing that fact, going with it, and actually learning to change the direction of the change.  Today, change something in your life.  Whether big or small, important or unimportant, change something. A perspective, an attitude, a thought, a view, or a deed, change, change, change it. Have one more cup of coffee or one less cup of coffee, it doesn’t matter, change something in your day and watch what happens.  You will start to affect change constantly throughout your day and hence, start being in charge of the changes in your life that are inevitable!  Ciao!

A Thought For The Week….

“Change is inevitable, be in charge of it”


The Humble Gift Of A Monday!

At any moment in every day we have the power to change the direction of our thoughts.  For some, that thought alone is overwhelming and out of reach.  That is why Monday is a humble gift, a simple starting point. A day to breathe, letting the structure of our life take it’s proper place and redirect our thoughts to where they need to be.  So much happens in a day, let alone a week, that having a humble Monday is an essential ingredient to who we need to be.  To be humble is not to be meek or weak, it is an opportunity for strength. For in our humility lies our ability to be human.  The humble gift of Monday, embrace the opportunity and the rest of the week will take care of itself.

A Thought For The Week…..

Being humble is having or showing a modest or low estimate of one’s own importance


Finding Satisfaction And Peace While Living In The Moment!

Whether joyful, playful, sad, angry, in disarray, or just plain neutral, finding satisfaction in living in the moment can bring a deep sense of purpose and peace to your life.  Know for a fact that all moments pass, both good and bad, take them for what they are, moments, just small snippets of time.  A moment is a second, so savor the joyful and let the not so joyful ones pass as quickly as they came. The more practice you have at living in the moment the more room that peace will have to enter your everyday life.  Everyday life will take on a new meaning.  No longer will you worry about tomorrow for you will have learned to enjoy today.

A Thought For The Week

Enjoying today will allow you to enjoy tomorrow!





The word abundance is often interpreted as material wealth.  Material wealth can come and go but it is the abundance within us and our lives that has the power to  sustain us through the very worst of times and, for that matter, the very best of times.  Do not get caught up in the mundane tasks of everyday life. Take them as an opportunity to build on something more substantial in your day. Build something big from the little things. Do not waste time, energy, or even money on things that you can not control, get through them for abundance is hidden within those mundane, day to day tasks.  A great book to pick up, “Make Your Bed” by Adm. William H. McRaven.  You will never look at making your bed the same way again.

My Thought For The Week:

“At the worst possible moment, look for the abundance in the situation”


Words Of Encouragement

Encouraging words that need to be spoken.  You can do anything!  You can climb the highest mountain, you can swim the deepest sea, you can find joy in your heart where you think none exists.  You can do anything!  You can survive and thrive no matter what a situation may seem to be and you can be kind even though you really don’t want to be.  This is what you need to learn, this is what has always been meant for you.  You can do anything! Do what you think is best, do what you feel is right, listen to yourself and have faith that all will work out for the best.  You are blessed, loved, and cherished.  You are never alone and you can do anything! Nothing is too big for you, nothing!

A New Approach To Hesitation

A comment was made…I hesitate a lot and never seem to get anything done.

Hesitation has been given a bad rap.  Like all things, we need to look at it from a different perspective. Hesitation is a gift that you have given yourself, to pause, take a second and notice what you are feeling.  Ask yourself why you are hesitating, really ask and allow your inner self to answer.  A hard thing to do, but with practice it will get easier to tune in and listen.  The more you tune in and listen the less time you will spend hesitating.  Trust yourself and your inner voice, there is a reason why you are hesitating.  Look toward a new direction.

My Repeatable Thought For The Week

                            “Hesitation is good.  How long and why we hesitate is the question.”      



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