I love words!  Whether written or spoken, they have the power to change things in an instant.  Often, all of us see or hear words that resonate deeply within us.  I have learned to pay attention to those words.  They hold a special message, just for us.  Take the words Option B, the name of a new book about loss.  That simple book title has been an inspiration and clarity giving source for me.  In a nutshell, if Option A is not working out how you had planned, move on to Option B.  That could mean anything from changing your whole direction in life, to something as easy as changing what is on your dinner menu because you can’t find a particular ingredient. For me, after seeing those words, I quickly opted out of Option A and moved on to Option B.  It blew me away how simple and easy it was.  We all have the power to change things in an instant, but first we need to pay attention to the signs and the messages that we are given.

My Repeatable Thought For The Week

                     “Whoever tells you that you can not change the plan, is wrong!”