From My Kitchen Or Should I Say Garden……..A Never Ending Supply Of Cucumbers!

Some say that being intuitive does not allow you to believe in God or in Jesus.  I am here to tell you that that is unfounded.  I believe in God and Jesus Christ with all of my heart and soul, yet I am intuitive.  I love, respect, and accept anyone’s religious beliefs.  The God that I know is loving and merciful, always at the ready to take us under his wing and shelter us.   All we have to do is ask. There is this funny little thing called free will that He gave us, something that we always seem to forget.  He created us and God makes no mistakes! Remembering that at the low points should make our faith stronger, our resolve that much more clear, and the high points that much more satisfying.  Make God relevant in your life again and see what happens! Sending lots of blessings, Karen

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