Spring, what a lovely season!  I love it for the reawakening of nature, the renewal of life,  the creativity that it inspires in my kitchen, and my favorite, the coming of the spring winds.  Wind, that magnificent force of nature,  has the ability to blow sweeping change through your life if you would only allow it.  Change, a scary thought, but necessary to advance us on our way.  It was a windy winter in my neck of the woods and the spring winds have definitely been strong, bringing sweeping changes to my life and those around me.  At times, embracing some of those changes has been one long, hard fought battle, but nature always wins.  For me, there always comes a moment of surrender, a moment when I recognize and acknowledge that it was my inner self, my highest self, that was ushering in the changes and I know deep down that my soul approves.  In hindsight, the changes are always good!  Nowadays whenever the wind blows, I laugh to myself, wondering what my inner self is up to.  Embrace the changes in your life, let the spring winds sweep through you,  and always remind yourself that you asked for changes, so let them happen!

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