Life is lessons!  Keeping your light shining is one of the most important and hardest to learn.  What the dark fears the most is light, yet it craves it.  There are always those who are close around you and  even strangers that you pass on the street who see your light and yet do not bask in it or shine their own, but try their very best to diminish what they don’t understand, what they don’t feel is available to them.  To be a bright light is to be kind, generous, and forgiving.  But make no mistake in thinking that it means weakness.  Light is strength, courage, and resolve along with kind, generous, and forgiving.  Do not let anyone diminish your light or take it from you.  For those I tell you to shine it more brightly!  In turn, do not diminish the light of others or the progress that they are making on their journey.  Sending lots of love, Karen