Use whatever word you like.  Whether it be “oh”, “wow”, “geez”, or “really”, follow it with a breath.  A breath brings things into focus and centers your thoughts on the present moment.  Things happen that we can not control, people say and do things that we are truly puzzled by, but using a simple word like “wow”, followed by a breath, has a fabulous affect on our view of a situation.  It actually has the ability to make you laugh and react in an appropriate manner. Try it!  If you see an elephant charging you, say “wow”, breathe, and then, get out of the way!  A simpler example, if someone says something negative to you, say “wow”, breathe, and move on!  Likewise, if someone says something positive to you, say “wow”, breathe, and, of course, say “thank you”. Ciao!

Thought for the week…

Just say “wow” and breathe!