Food is a language that connects everyone.  It is something that we all share.  For me, it is love and family, a connection that runs deep.  Certain recipes connect my family.  Chicken cutlets, my simple rice, my red sauce, white chocolate chunk cookies, and the most notable, dough cakes!  Dough cakes are an Easter tradition and when my children were younger, I only made them once a year, on Easter morning!  I grew up with that tradition and I continue it to this day with only one change.  With my children having moved on to their own lives in different parts of the country and world, dough cakes are now made whenever I have the rare opportunity to see them.  It doesn’t matter where or when, dough cakes will always be on the menu!  If you are looking to connect with your family, both past and present, make a recipe that brings them to you.  I guarantee you that they will be with you, whether in person or in spirit.  Food is a sacred and powerful energy, made to be enjoyed and shared.

To view my dough cake recipe, click here