From My Kitchen……Mussels Steamed In A Saffron Cream Sauce!

Finding your voice and flexing your spiritual muscle is an amazing challenge.  I find my spiritual  strength and voice through food.  The writing about, the gathering, the planting, the preparing, the cooking, and finally the eating provide an outlet for me, an arena, so to speak, where the Higher Powers can have my full attention and speak directly to me.  Finding an outlet is an essential part of being intuitive.  All people are innately intuitive, whether that intuitiveness is brought to the surface or not is up to the individual, but the capacity is there.  That being said, all of us need an outlet to practice flexing our spiritual muscle.  The old school advice applies, practice, practice, practice, you’re bond to get better.  Find your outlet and start flexing!

PS  The mussels in the picture were gathered by yours truly and what a fabulous treat it was to gather, prepare and eat them for dinner.

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