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From My Friend’s Kitchen…..Lavender Shortbread, a yummy treat that helps you find a reason to smile!

Laughing, sometimes it is the only thing left to do.  Thinking about being intuitive can sometimes leave you a bit, or lets be honest,  very overwhelmed with all the energy swirling around and really putting you at a loss.  What to do, find the humor.  A student of mine recently asked “What did I do wrong to have such a gift?” and my response was to laugh because honestly I couldn’t explain it any other way.  What we do is amazing, how we do it is a mystery, why we do it only God knows why, and yet how we deal with it is our choice.  I think I would rather laugh than cry, find joy within sorrow, light within the darkness and peace in my soul knowing that I do not walk alone for the light of the world is mine to share.  And if that doesn’t work, I eat a piece of lavender shortbread and find something crazy that has happened to me and laugh!  Oh the stories I could tell you!