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Intuitive Guidance

Intuitive Guidance sessions can clear a path to truth, clarity, and light.  It can be for the individual looking for balance, peace and to simply clear their own energy field or it can be geared for the individual going through changes, considering changes in and to their life,  such as in relationships, career, family, romance and their own spirituality as well as facing difficulties and emotional times.  I am an intuitive guide to one’s soul and one’s own energy source.

Sessions can be in person, by phone or email.

15 minutes      $50.00

30 minutes      $90.00

60 minutes      $150.00

120 minutes   $200.00


Spiritual Sessions

Spiritual Sessions are all about you and finding out why you are out of balance. There are seven chakras and when one is not flowing fluently than the others are not flowing fluently, causing you stress, anxiety, and to eat what and when you really don’t want to.  Our physical form is always an outward sign of our inward imbalances.  Spiritual Sessions can identify and help heal those inward difficulties that present physically with suggested foods, energy and light work.  I am not a medical doctor.  I am an intuitive and spiritual guide who can read ones energy centers and provide suggestions as to what would help realign these energy centers to their correct and proper balance.  I offer insight into these energy centers not a diagnosis or cure.  Spiritual Sessions are a wonderful way to get yourself centered and your energy fields flowing freely.

Sessions can be in person, by phone or email.

Note:  It is essential that initial sessions be at least 30 minutes in length, preferably 60 minutes.

15 minutes      $40.00

30 minutes      $80.00

60 minutes      $140.00

120 minutes   $190.00


Renewing Your Kitchen and Home

“Renewing” is the term that I like to use for changing the energy, simplifying, streamlining, and organizing.   Kitchen and Home Renewing are fabulous ways to give yourself a fresh start. Whether you are just moving in to a space or moving out, or just wanting to organize and change the energy, I can help weed through, evaluate and get you moving in the right direction. Kitchen and Home Renewing does not mean buying all new things.  It is about clearing out what isn’t used and making room for what is!  And that includes energy as well!  I find that people are amazed at how little it takes to change the energy and direction of a kitchen or home.  Your home is your comfort zone and your kitchen is your heart, it needs to reflect who you are, where you are, and where you want to be.  My services include organizing and the going through of things, helping with disposal, consulting, and energy clearing.  Kitchens are a scared place and need to be treated as such.  I offer an in-depth  cleansing of an individuals kitchen and consulting on where they want to go with their cooking and making suggestions on what you might need.  Organizing and changing the energy of your kitchen or home can seem like an overwhelming project, but for me it is a passion and a true love!

$40.00  1 hour In Home Consultation

$50.00  per hour within a 10 mile radius

$60.00  per hour outside a 10 mile radius



Intuitive Guidance For The  Sick And Elderly And Their Caregivers

A specialty of mine and one very dear to my heart.  The sick and elderly have beautiful souls and have so much to say and many questions to ask but are unable to do so to family and friends.  Also, caregivers often have the same questions and feel the stress and anxiety that caring for an elderly or sick family member or friend can bring.  I am a bridge for the sick, the elderly, their family and friends between this world and the next.  I offer a peaceful, enlightening session where thoughts can flow freely into the light and be released.  Intuitive guidance is offered to alleviate the stress and questions of what lies ahead, opening a portal to truth, peace and understanding.

Sessions with the sick and elderly are done in person.  I go to them.  Price includes travel.

30 minutes               $80.00

60 minutes               $160.00

120 minutes            $210.00


Sessions with caregivers can be in person, by phone, or email.

30 minutes               $70.00

60 minutes               $150..00

120 minutes            $200.00