Scones make a beautiful morning even more beautiful!  There is nothing like waking up all comfy in your bed with the sun shining brightly and the birds singing their song and realizing that you had put a batch of your scones in the freezer, all ready to bake, for a morning such as this.  How grateful I was for that discovery.  But seriously, I want you all to realize that each day is an opportunity to sing.  We only have today, no guarantee of a tomorrow so why not sing!  Why not find something to be joyful for in the moment.  Life is about the little things, the little victories, the little moments that can get you through the day!  When you sing, the heavens rejoice and join in!  Imagine what it must sound like when all of the angels are singing with you!  Inspirational is the word I come up with.  If you dare to sing, even one little song, notice how the energy shifts, notice what happens to the world around you, notice how it makes you feel.  Now, that alone is a reason to sing on a daily basis!  Bake some scones and a sing, it will change your day!

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