Baking bread is truly a sacred ritual and has been a part of man’s diet since before ancient times.  Bread has evolved from simple flatbreads to the beautiful loaves that we know today.  My question is, when did we decide to make bread the enemy?  Why is it that we, the modern day human, have turned bread into a four letter word?  In my kitchen, a different approach is taken to bread, it is treated as an expression of love for a process that has been on going for thousands of years, something to be enjoyed, appreciated, and savored. History has shown bread to be something basic and life sustaining.  I love the simple act of mixing, kneading, of knowing the ingredients, using organic, non GMO flour, having my kitchen smell of rising bread.  There is nothing more grounding than the act of baking one’s own bread and sharing it with others.  Should we start wondering is it bread that is so bad for you or is it where the ingredients come from and how they are processed that is more dangerous?  Food for thought.

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