All work and no play make this intuitive girl long to blow off some intuitive steam.  It is at these times that I flip that intuitive switch to off, turn up the music, open a fabulous bottle of wine and head straight into my kitchen and in the process I find a little peace and release.  Being intuitive is a blessing, but it can become all encompassing at times.  It is so important to release, reboot, and treat yourself kindly.  The kitchen is my sacred place, the music provides a physical release and the wine, well, that is just an added bonus!  Intuitives are no different than anyone else, and everyone needs to blow off some steam every now and then.  It is often after these times that important lessons are learned and wisdom gained.  The life of an intuitive ought to be fun, not restricting and regulated. Sometimes, you just need to bust out of the box that we always seem to put ourselves in.  Give yourself permission to let go and live!  Cheers to blowing off some intuitive steam!