From My Kitchen….An Ambrosia Cake, conjuring up memories of carefree childhood summers!


Prodigal, spending recklessly and lavishly, yet, to me, the definition is totally different.  I see it as abundance, a bounty.  There is no other definition for me.  An example of a life choice.  There are always two in every situation and circumstance.  It is up to you to make the choice.  Free will, the message of the Angels and Angel Number 22, the Master Builder.  The builder of choice, new beginnings, strong foundations, the picking of our higher selves over our lower selves, faith and trust.  We define ourselves by our choices in all that we do, say and feel.  To me, prodigal will always mean abundance and bounty.  The question for me is always, what will I do with that abundance and bounty?  The answer is always, share.  I urge you to change course, go in a totally different direction, make this a prodigal summer!

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