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Month: February 2018

Being Defeated By Greater And Greater Things

Remembering where you see things is often an issue.  The quote “I strive to be defeated by greater and greater things” has stuck with me, reaching deep within my soul.  I can not take credit for the words, but the effect of those words has been astonishing.  When we are faced with challenges, the first reaction is to run, to hide, to let someone else deal with it.  There is a different approach.  Why not be excited, it means that we are ready for whatever challenge that lies ahead. We are moving forward!  We may not like having to do it, but when it is all over we have something to be proud of.   The toughest moments of my life have also been my greatest.

Thought For The Week……….

“The toughest moments in your life can also be your greatest”


Believing In What You Do

Do you believe in everything that you do?  When you believe, and I mean truly believe in what you do, there is no stopping you! The tricky part comes when the people around you question or sidetrack you with negativity.  This becomes an amazing opportunity to grow within yourself.  You need to know that when others are negative toward you, it is only a representation of their own negativity toward themselves.   Do not let others dictate how you feel about what you do and who you are!  Isn’t it be better to be known as a light in the world as opposed to being referred to as the darkness?

Thought For The Week………

“It is better to be known as a light in the world as opposed to being known as the darkness”


Listening To Your Own Voice

The struggle of listening to my own voice stayed with me for the longest time. When you finally let go of the thoughts and judgement of others and really listen to what you have to say, do things really have the potential to move very quickly. Life changes, relationship changes, work changes, all move at a rapid pace. Overwhelming, challenging, mind blowing, and peaceful are a few of the adjectives that can be used to describe this state of being.  All of us should strive to listen with the greatest of intent to our own voice.  It is the one voice that has only our best interest at heart.

Thought For The Week…..

“Only when you listen to your own voice can you determine and separate from the voice of others”


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