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Month: October 2017

Breathing Deep And Being Thankful!

There are times when what is needed is the simple act of breathing deeply and being thankful.  It is quite easy to do  in a moment of happiness or joy, but what about a moment of sadness or anger, can it be done as seamlessly?  Well, the answer should be yes, even more so.  It is when we are sad or angry that are need to be thankful is greatest.  Being thankful focuses your attention on the wonders of your life, the beauty of the people that are around you, and all that you have. God has given us the gift of thankfulness.  Why not accept that gift and bring it to the forefront of your consciousness and allow it to take up residence. Breathing deep and being thankful is an outward sign of abundant inner strength.

Thought For The Week….

“Breathing deep and being thankful is an outward sign of abundant inner strength”


What Faith Can Do

Faith in yourself, the divine, and the universe is what you need today.  In a world full of negative people and situations you must have faith that all is well in your world.  Do not let the behavior of others destroy your inner peace.  Have faith that in the long run things will work out in your favor.  Have faith that you are doing the right thing.  Know who you are, be strong in your convictions and watch the heavens open up with help and support.  Faith can move mountains, part seas, and awaken in others an awareness of what is right and wrong.  Watch, with eyes wide open, as the miracles unfold in your life today.

Thought For The Week…

Do not let the behavior of others destroy your inner peace


Asking For Help

To ask for help is a sign of strength, not weakness.  People are often portrayed as someone or something different than who they actually are.  Asking for help is when you get it.  Do not be afraid, even the most spiritual of beings, even if living a physical existence, need help and ask for assistance.  The day to day living of a spiritual life is at most, aw inspiring, and at its least, lonely and overwhelming.  It is what we do at our lowest moments that define us both physically and spiritually.  Ask for help directly, there is no shame, and I promise, you will get a response.

Thought For The Week…..

“It is what we do at our lowest moments that define us both physically and spiritually”


Accepting That Something Is Only Temporary

What you are going through and the job that you are doing is only temporary. Take heart and believe within your heart that this is only a temporary place of being.  Far greater things await you, but there is something to be learned from your experience right now.  Forget what it is that you will be doing, for that is already known. Go with the matter at hand.  Do the work that you must do right now, remembering that all things have their season and your season will come to pass.  Life is to be lived and there is fun to be had, even in your present state of being, abundance abounds.  Accept the temporary assignment with great love and joy!  It will change quite rapidly in the coming days!

Thought For The Week….

In your present state of being, abundance abounds!


Lessons And Moving On!

Move on, move on, move on!  Take your lessons to heart, acknowledge and accept them.  When you do that, life will propel you forward in unexpectedly wonderful ways.  Lessons can be painful, but mostly, when accepted, they are just a simple blip on the radar screen.  We need to notice them, chuckle a bit at their presence, and move on!  Getting past all of life’s lessons is truly what living is all about and discovering the results of those learned lessons is what will bring us a deep sense of joy! Cheers to learning your lessons!

Thought For The Week…..

Life is a series of lessons, once learned and accepted, propel us forward in miraculous ways!


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